Shipping Human and Cremated Remains Around The World

Learn how to safely and comfortably ship your loved ones remains around the world – without unnecessary worry.

Shipping Human and Cremated Remains Around The World

Did you know only a few funeral and cremation services provide worldwide shipping services for families around the world? It’s important to know that every country has it’s own rules and laws for shipping both human remains and cremated remains. While you may be overwhelmed with grief during these difficult times, there is one funeral service company that can provide affordable shipping needs – Basic Funerals. They provide you all the support you need to get through the process quickly with very simple steps.

Find out the 6 Easy Steps you can take to bring the remains of your loved one home.

As you may know, shipping by flight is the only method to shipping a body to another country, which may also raise a lot of questions for you: Are you allowed to fly with the remains of your loved one? What may they be clothed with during transport? Basic Funerals can answer all of your questions to put your mind at ease.  Rest assure the remains or shipping containers for cremated remains are treated with the utmost care and respect. We understand that bringing your loved one home in preparation for visitations or a service is important for you and your families.  

If you need information on cremation services, feel free to click here for your options. The process for cremation generally takes 3-5 business days and during this time you can consider the type of urn you’d like for safe keeping of the ashes. Some countries may have a specified material for the urn container and may have additional restrictions for the outer shipping container. Please contact Basic Funerals for more information.


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