Feeling A Draft This Winter?

Feeling A Draft This Winter? Custom Window Designs

You’ll find Toronto windows and doors specialists who work in all kinds of weather. Although the warmer and drier weather is the best time to have a new window or door installed, it is possible to have this work done in the fall and winter months too.

Sometimes a window or door breaks in an obvious way – whether a ball has gone through it or you’ve had a break in, if there is broken glass or a broken frame then you’ll need to order a replacement as soon as possible. However, there are instances where your window or door looks perfectly fine, but still isn’t functioning properly. Drafty windows and doors are a good example of this common scenario.

A draft isn’t something you can easily see, but you should be able to feel it. If the temperature feels colder in one area of your room or near a doorway, then you likely have a draft. Drafts in your windows and doors are problematic because they are a source of energy loss, which means you’ll spend more on your energy bill in the long run – money that you’re literally throwing out the window!

If you detect a draft in your home, but not sure where? Call the pros at Custom Window Designs for a free estimate. Don’t wait! Fix your drafts now so you can enjoy a warm, dry winter.

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