24-Hour Emergency Service For Funerals and Cremation

Do you know what to do when an unexpected death happens?

24-Hour Emergency Service For Funerals and Cremation

Life can be so unpredictable and when a death happens so suddenly, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and grief-stricken. Basic Funerals is available for those in need of immediate funeral or cremation services in Ontario. They take care of the arrangements and help get you through the process with as much ease as possible. When a sudden death occurs, it’s important to note that proper documents should be coordinated including other aspects such as: transferring the body and service details. This is where they help the most, they provide added relief so you can spend the time you need in the comfort of family and friends.

Things to know before you a call a funeral service:

  • If the death occurred in a Hospital, simply call the funeral home and they will take care of necessary forms once the doctor has signed off on the release of your loved one’s body.
  • If the death occurred in a nursing home, call the funeral home right away as nursing homes do not have the means to hold your loved one’s body. When you call a funeral home they will take care of arrangements for cremation or preparation for a funeral.
  • If the death occurred in the home, the police should be contacted first where a coroner will have to pronounce the death. After this happens, a funeral home can come to help you through the rest of the process.

Whenever a loved one passes in unexpected circumstances, we often experience difficulties making tough decisions regarding the next steps. I suggesting contacting Basic Funerals because they offer a 24-hour emergency services and are ready to accommodate to the needs of any family through tough times. Contact them or call  1-877-229-7077 for more information. 


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