Give Your Loved Ones A Proper Goodbye

Cremation can be a special way to give your loved ones a proper goodbye and memorable service.

Give Your Loved Ones A Proper Goodbye

Cremation is a personal choice and it’s also a increasingly more popular choice as it tends to be the more flexible and affordable choice. It’s very common in many cultures and an environmentally-friendly option as green space and cemeteries tend to  Many people aren’t aware of the many choices that come with cremation to suit the needs of every family. Basic Funerals offers services which include:

  • Witnessing of cremation
  • Cremation with a memorial service
  • A final viewing with cremation
  • Or a traditional funeral with cremation

With every choice, it’s important that families get all the support they need. The most supportive services comes from Basic Funerals. They help with completing all necessary forms to arranging a memorable service.  

Final viewings and memorial services are a way for families to honour and pay respect to their loved one who have passed. Some families need this to get through difficult timed, and say their final goodbyes. There are times where a direct cremation is preferred, there is no additional funeral service, visitation, or viewing. It’s a way for families to get the privacy they need. Basic Funerals also offers a witnessing of cremation where only close family or loved ones are invited to witness the process of cremation.

No matter what your choice, Basic Funerals will provide you with all the essentials and simple, economical service options. Contact Basic Funerals for more information.


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