Best Odour Remover For Sports Equipment

Find out how to get rid of nasty lingering smells after an intense sports game.

Best Odour Remover For Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is probably number one on my list for things that need deodorizing. I play sports, and I know the smell that tags along after a tough sweaty game. Most athletes have their own remedy for washing and refreshing their equipment, but others simply just don’t have clue. They’re the ones that show up to the next game and completely consume the locker area with last week’s stench. Here are some solutions to get the stink out of virtually anything easily and quickly, and it’ll work for even the not-so tidy players.

Tips for Removing Sports Equipment Odour:

  1. Take your equipment out of your bag as soon as you get home. Let it air out.
  2. Wash it. Many players worry about putting their equipment in the washer with the fear it may get ruined. Read the label and follow the washing instructions for proper care and cleaning. Be sure not to overload the washer or the materials won’t wash properly.
  3. If your equipment really smells – add a dash of white vinegar into the wash. No, this won’t leave you smelling like vinegar if you proceed to step 4. Vinegar is a natural odour neutralizer and kills odour causing bacteria.
  4. When your equipment is done washing, put them in the dryer for a low heat tumble cycle or lay them flat to dry. Turn on the POG on a 3-hour timer and place it beside the equipment. Close the door and allow the POG to work it’s way through the air and fabric to remove the odours completely, while naturally disinfecting any bacteria that remains.

Best Odour Remover For Sports Equipment

Just as an added tip: Athletes used equipment and cars don’t always smell the greatest if they’re both in transport at the same time. The trunk pretty much turns into a skunk. If this sounds like a situation you’re familiar with, let the POG run in your vehicle and it’ll work to kill odour causing bacteria on surfaces and in the fabric of the seats.  

Follow these tips as often as you use your equipment – the life of your equipment should last as expected not to mention, the other players won’t be clenching their noses every time you walk in or get in a huddle.

Learn more about the POG and how it works! Get the POG today.

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