Know The Pros & Cons of Burial and Cremation Services

Know The Pros & Cons of Burial and Cremation Services Basic Funerals

Everyone is unique and not everyone will share the same interested in how they wish to be remembered after death. While not everyone will shares their wishes beforehand, some choose to plan out their cremation services & funeral services before death. If you’re trying to decide between burial or cremation, we’ve listed some advantages and disadvantages of each. For those trying to pick the right service for a deceased loved one who has not shared their wishes, take a look at the list and try to identify which option you believe would best respect their ideologies.



  • Family tradition
  • A neutral place for loved ones to visit
  • A permanent memorial
  • Religious tradition


  • Costly
  • Rules and restrictions on visitation and hours



  • Personalization
  • Cost efficient
  • Remains can be scattered at a chosen place
  • More flexibility for the service


  • No central location
  • Non-traditional

If you’re looking for more information between burial or cremation, contact Basic Funerals. They specialize in cremation services & funeral services, with a focus on providing loved ones an easier and less stressful planning process. Their years of experience will help you with ensuring your loved one receives the service they deserve. They offer a peace of mind process, affordable options, a trusted team, and locations near you!

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