Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Crown Moulding Trims

Learn how the simplest to most luxurious crown moulding can enhance any kitchen design give it a refreshing taste of elegance.

Adding a crown moulding trim around the your kitchen cabinets is one of the simplest remodeling projects you can do to add distinction and elegance to the room. Here are some modern detailing ideas for your kitchen that won’t break the bank.

Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Crown Moulding Trims
They say the kitchen should be the cleanest place in the home so why not go for a clean cut look with basic crown mouldings framing the kitchen cabinets along the ceiling. It makes the cabinets appear more elevated and really accentuates the height of the room. In this photo, the cabinets and crown mouldings are both painted in a pale gray tone, a really subtle but stylish look.

Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Crown Moulding Trims

This look is where traditional meets modern, a classic revival style kitchen. It’s instant proof that even the most classic and traditional styled kitchen can instantly be transformed by adding a crown moulding trim.

Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Crown Moulding Trims

White on white one white! It’s amazing how bright and spacious the kitchen appears when you take your cabinets all the way to the ceiling with a solid white crown moulding trim. It also beautifully accents and frames stainless steel appliances and darker floors.  


Add a trim to the top of your kitchen cabinets without taking it all the way to the ceiling. Paint the header wall with a bold colour to add a stylish contrast to the room. The bold colour against the clean white trim will really accentuate the cabinets that frame the room. Add a pop of colour with fresh flowers and greenery.

For more design ideas for every room or to get started on your project today, contact Crown Cornice Moulding, servicing the Mississauga area, Toronto and the GTA surrounding cities. 


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