What It’s Like Being A Funeral Director

What It's Like Being A Funeral Director Basic Funerals

I’ve been asked by many people on different occassions, both family and friends, and even acquaintances what it’s like to work as a Funeral Director.  I guess the first thing that comes to their mind is really, what it’s like to be up close with death so often.

The truth is,  as a funeral director, I actually don’t deal with the dead as much people may assume.  Of course, there is the occasional involvement with moving a body from the place of death or the preparation of the body but, the people directly involved with the dead is the actually embalmer or cremationist.

To give you an idea of my role as a funeral director, think of a wedding co-ordinator with a much tighter deadline while having empathy and sensitivity as a vital strength for the job. Grieving loved ones will turn to someone in my role to take care of the crucial aspects of dealing with death at a time that may be too difficult for them, to plan a memorable memorial, to process the necessary paperwork, to obtain a certificate of death, and a whole lot more.  

It’s not just a job for me, it’s a way of life.  It’s a service I am proud to offer to those who need it.
To connect with a funeral director for cremation services and funeral services, contact Basic Funerals today.

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