How To Keep Mold & Mildew Away

How To Keep Mold & Mildew Away with The POG

Mold and mildew can sneak up on you, hiding behind your dishwasher, under your basement carpet, or behind the walls. Just because it is out of sight, does not mean it’s out of mind!

Consuming everything around them, mold and mildew digest the world around them. They use the moisture for their digestive enzymes to function. Based on their appearance many look very similar, but they are different. Mold is usually green, black or brown thick film; and mildew is usually a powdery form in a flat pattern. They both love moist and damp environments, as they use these areas to continue to grow and thrive. While you may not always see them at work, you will likely be able to smell them as they are essentially eating your home.

Uncontaminated, it can spread and lead to health issues for example: respiratory problems, allergies, and nervous system disorders. In order to combat and remove these health risks before they continue to spread, it’s highly recommended to use a POG air purifier to neutralize odours and prevent build up. Running on a 3 hour setting weekly, in the infected closed area will help remove the mold and mildew in your home. Killing 98% of all airborne bacteria without chemicals. The POG will use its odour eliminating technology as an air purifier, so you can be confident your family will be same in your home.  Take a look at the other ways The POG can help you at home here!


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