Questions To Ask Before Performing A Eulogy

Questions To Ask Before Performing A Eulogy Basic Funerals

While it occurs during an emotional time and can be very nerve racking, writing and performing a eulogy can be one of the best ways to cope and represent your lost loved one. At Basic Funerals, they understand how difficult the grieving period can be, which is why they do everything they can in order to relieve some of these stresses. Planning cremation services & funeral services takes a lot of work, so they want to help you in making sure all of your loved one’s wishes and hopes are carried out.

Sometimes, one way to honor a person is through a speech about their time shared with their loved ones. If you’re thinking about writing a eulogy take a look at some of our tips and suggestions below.

  • What are 3 ways in which you would describe this person?
  • What is your favourite childhood memory of them?
  • How have they changed your life?
  • What was a time when you couldn’t stop laughing with them?
  • If you could tell them one last thing, what would it be?
  • How did this person influence others in their life?
  • What is something you will never be able to forget about them?
  • Tell a story about them doing something silly
  • Talk about how much they loved their family

While these are just some ideas to get you started, the rest of it will come from your heart. Remember not to overthink it, as whatever you want to say will be powerful as it is will represent who they were as a person.

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