Your Cleaning Checklist For The Holidays

Your Cleaning Checklist For The Holidays with The POG

Preparing for holiday season all we seem to do is clean. In order to be stress-free and before the holidays start, it’s best to get all of the organizing and de-cluttering done beforehand. We’ve decided to share our Holiday Cleaning Checklist with you to get your list of To Do’s done earlier this year.

  • Refrigerator: Go through it. Find any old items that have been hiding in the back and throw them out.
  • Laundry room: Sort all your bins and drawers, and put away any clothing that was left behind.
  • Bedroom: Maintain your room to be clean, so you won’t wake up stressed by the mess.
  • Garage: Organize clutter in your house and garage. Donate any of your old stuff that you don’t need anymore.
  • Bathroom: Make sure to clean this area regularly. In this area, it’s essential to have an odour eliminator and keep bacteria at bay.

Even with all the scrubbing and disinfecting, there was one thing missing: The POG. During the holidays you want your house to be in top shape! The POG can help you achieve that through a safe and powerful way to eliminate odour and bacteria. It can help in your fridge by eliminating any old food smell, getting rid of the damp clothing odour in the laundry room, freshening up your bedroom’s scent, removing the sports equipment smell in your garage, and purifying the air in the bathroom.
Start the new year off fresh with POG! Click here for more information.

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