Steps to Take When a Loved One Passes Away Abroad

Steps to Take When a Loved One Passes Away Abroad

Bringing a loved one home after they’ve passed is one of the first steps you’ll want to take in order to start the preparations for funeral services.  One of the challenges in these type of situations is having to familiarize yourself with the process and rules for shipping remains from various countries in such a short amount of time.  

Here’s what you can expect to help the process go smoothly:

Step 1: Arrangements need to be made to pick up your loved on from the place of death.

Step 2: Complete the Embalming Process (if required).  Many countries require the embalming process to be completed in order to receive Human Remains.

Step 3: Contact the Consulate to coordinate providing them with the necessary paperwork they require in order to sanction the shipment of the deceased into the receiving country. A funeral director may be assigned to take of all the necessary documentation and may also be required to be in person at the nearest location to the remains to coordinate all the paperwork.

Step 4: The family will need to confirm the contact information of the receiving Funeral Home. A funeral director will then coordinate with the receiving funeral home directly to finalize the schedule of the shipment and advance any paperwork they require in the meantime.

Step 5: The flight will be booked generally 2-3 weeks from the first point of contact. A funeral director can work to ensure this step can move as swiftly as possible.

Step 6: On the day of the flight our staff proceeds with the deceased to the receiving address for the flight with the paperwork to be provided to the airline and receiving funeral home.


Having to arrange cremation and funeral services during a period of grieving can be difficult for anyone.  Get in contact with Basic Funerals who will connect you with a funeral director that can walk you through each step to getting your loved one home to their final resting place.

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