Top 6 Most Comforting Funeral Foods

Top 6 Most Comforting Funeral Foods Basic Funerals

The idea of “funeral food” sounds sad.  For those who haven’t had the ill-pleasure of planning a funeral service, they may not understand the importance of serving the perfect kind of funeral food to truly honor the life of the person who’s passed.

For starters it’s not about whipping up a bulk pack of croissants and danishes to go along with a canister of stale tasting coffee served in paper cups that are too small for anyone to really get the caffeine boost they need through such a difficult time.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced this sort of disappointing spread at a meeting of some sort and it wasn’t too appetizing.  Now, think of a funeral as a celebration of life and the food is the traditional part. Just as the word tradition means, the food should be symbolic, meaningful, and significant.  

Though the tradition is observed differently in every culture, here’s 6 of the the most common comforting foods that can be enjoyed by every culture:


  • Deviled Eggs

Top 6 Most Comforting Funeral Foods

  • Funeral Potatoes
  • Mac and Cheese Pie

Top 6 Most Comforting Funeral Foods

  • Spinach and Crab Dip with Pita
  • Slow-cooked pot of chili stew and Bread
  • Cheesy Baked Penne Pasta

While these choices wouldn’t win the healthiest choice award, they would certainly offer a degree of comfort to those who need it. Contact Basic Funerals to connect with a Funeral Director who can assist you with planning a memorial, cremation services, and funeral services in your area.


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