Talking to Your Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes

Talking to Your Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes Basic Funerals

Bringing up the discussion about your final wishes can be very challenging but also extremely important. As difficult it is to talk about funeral arrangements, most find it brings a bit of comfort knowing they understand how to fulfill your end-of-life-plans.

Here’s how to approach talking to your loved ones about your final wishes:

  1. It’s important you talk to your loved ones when you’re ready and not only when you’re faced with death.  
  2. Remember, involving your loved ones in your funeral plans is a very meaningful experience.  If you prefer to plan your own funeral, you can do so and simply share your plans with your loved ones.
  3. Write down your wishes.  It can be hard for your family to remember details when their grieving.  The more detail the better, even details such as what type of flowers you would like or not.  
  4. Remember that your loved ones are sensitive to the topic, keep an open mind and consider their thoughts.
  5. Tell your loved ones how important these wishes are to you and why.

Pre-planning your cremation and funeral services is one of the most important things you can do for the people you’re leaving behind. Basic Funerals can help you and your loved ones fulfill your final wishes and provide you the peace of mind of knowing they will be honored once you pass.  Contact Basic Funerals to discuss your pre-planning options.


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