New Homeowner’s Guide to Buying New Windows

New Homeowner’s Guide to Buying New Windows Custom Window Designs

Becoming a new homeowner is filled with so many new and exciting experiences. For the first time you’re facing decisions you once groaned about when you were a kid as you waited impatiently for your parents to finish their discussions about boring adult stuff. Now here you are in your parent’s shoes, filling your days with new home projects and important decisions about decor and design or should we say “adult stuff”.

One thing the new homeowner’s guide doesn’t always include is how to buy new windows and how to choose from all the many design options out there. Here’s a quick guide on what to look for when buying new windows:


This may be an obvious one, but still it makes the number one spot for what to look for in quality windows. The purpose of windows, besides looking great is to keep the warm air in and cold air outside and vice versa in the summer. Energy-efficient windows will help to keep energy costs low.


Depending on your budget and design you have in mind, you’ll want to consider design types within your budget. Vinyl windows are the most preferred type window for homeowners because of it’s affordability and visual appeal.


The replacement cycle for vinyl windows is extremely long due to the nature of the materials it consists of. It’s considered highly durable and requires little to no maintenance over time. Since windows tend to accumulate moisture from the weather, vinyl has been a highly effective alternative to protect against wear and damage from moisture.

New Homeowner’s Guide to Buying New Windows Custom Window Designs

Speak to professionals and get advice on the best window type for your home. Contact Custom Window Designs in Burlington and the GTA, they are able to answer all your questions and walk you through their large selection of products. You can count on our experience and workmanship to make your new home design look just as you had envisioned.

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