Top Tips For Writing the Perfect Obituary

Basic Funerals is dedicated to ensuring the families of loved ones who have passed away, have an easy and stress-free cremation and funeral planning process. Soon after a loved one passes away, after calling friends and family members many people focus on writing an obituary for the deceased. An obituary is an announcement of death that is placed in the newspaper and is associated with the funeral service details.   

They help you in any way possible, they’ve written some quick tips and suggestions on how to write an obituary. Below is a list of different things you can include when writing the obituary.

Start off with the essentials:

  • First and last name
  • Age
  • Birth Date
  • Residence
  • Partner’s Name
  • Funeral service information

Some additional ideas:

  • The names of their children & spouses
  • The names of the grandchildren
  • The names of the person’s parents
  • Education background
  • Professional information
  • Hobbies
  • Beloved pets
  • Quick anecdotes
  • Information on how they died

Remember, when writing an obituary you want to make sure it is personal and unique to that person’s interests. Try and think of the things most important to them, and include them in the notice.

When deciding on which professionals to choose for  cremation services & funeral services –  think of Basic Funerals because they’re here to provide you with simple and affordable options.

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