Start The New Year With a Cleaner Home

Start The New Year With a Cleaner Home - Oakville Butler

Were you the lucky one to host a get together for all your family and friends over the holidays this year? If the answers yes, you’re probably still dealing with the backlash of mess: dirt on the floors, spills on the carpet, a messy front foyer, and the guest bathrooms could probably use a deep clean. Why not give yourself one last gift and have someone else do the post-holiday clean up for a change?

Aside from your regular cleaning services, Oakville Butler is not your average cleaning company. Here’s how we can help de-stress the idea of entertaining guests:

  • Wash and vacuum the floors in the common areas
  • Wiping down kitchen counters, appliances, sink cleaned and shined
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Clean and dirt, mud, and shoe prints in the front foyer and Welcome mats
  • Collect trash and recyclables like paper plates, cups, and food waste
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect the guest bathrooms in the common areas
  • Vacuum sofas and under sofa cushions
  • Spot clean fresh spills on carpets or rugs

oakville butler - new years eve.PNG

If there’s any out-of-the-ordinary requests for cleaning services, let Oakville Butler know. They will do everything we can to help you achieve a cleaner home. They offer additional cleaning services that you might not expect from a regular cleaning company!

Experience life with a Butler. Get Oakville Butler working for you! Contact them today to book an appointment.

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