West GTA Landscaping Professionals: Tips to Maintaining Your Interlocking Driveway and Walkways

synergy contracting - interlock.PNG

As landscaping professionals for many years, we can offer a few tips to maintaining your interlocking patios. Following these tips can help to ensure your interlock can be virtually maintenance free for several years:


Use water and soap to remove dirt, grime or rust that may run off from vehicles and build up on the surface. Use a power wash to lift off stains, however try not to aim the powerwash directly into the cracks between the interlock.


Some chemicals found in de-icing salts or fertilizers can cause damage to your interlocking driveway or walkway. Find a de-icer that is safe for concrete.


Avoid using metal shovels to clear snow. Use plastic shovels as an alternative and if you’re using a snowblower, raise the blades to ensure it is not scratching the surface of the interlock.


After cleaning the surface of the interlocking driveway, patio, or walkway, once the surface has dried pour polymeric sand onto the pavers. Using a broom, sweep the sand across the surface. The sand will fall into the joints filling the gaps.

Tips to Maintaining Your Interlocking Driveway and Walkways

For more information on landscaping and interlocking patios, contact Synergy Contracting.  They provide a complete set of landscaping services in West GTA, such as the construction of interlocking pavers for patios, decks, driveways and pathways.

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