How Flyer Distribution Can Help Your Small Business

Flyer distribution isn’t as simple as dropping off business flyers on random doorsteps. Deciding which home to deliver a flyer to, and which flyer is best for their needs, is done through precision targeting. Through this system, flyer distribution is determined by a software that recognizes the household dynamics of each home in a selected geographical area. This way, your business flyer will hit its desired target demographic.

Through DRMG’s precision targeter, business owners can choose their target by area and audience. Within an area, your business flyer can be distributed by location through either a drive distance, radius, drive time or buffer, depending on your specific targeted location. Or, you can target by area through postal (FSA), or a custom selection where you can draw out your preferred area. Flyer distribution can also be targeted based on a number of audience characteristics. Some examples are building construction period, education, family structure, income, employment status or immigrants place of birth.
There are a wide variety of ways in which your flyer distribution can be pinpointed to your ‘perfect customer’ to ensure success. DRMG offers more, for less! With a number of ways you can target your customers, they’re experienced in helping business owners achieve success with their marketing campaigns. Contact them today for more information about direct marketing services!

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