Decorating Ideas for Smaller Living Areas

thermobilt windows and doors

For the most part, traditional ways of laying out furniture and decorating don’t always work with smaller size rooms, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look and feel just as aesthetically pleasing and “spacious” as larger size rooms.  The trick to making a smaller room appear more open and spacious is to decorate the room in a way that maximizes the space and natural light in the room using colour, shapes, and textures.  

thermobilt - windows4.JPG

  • Choose small scale furniture of neutral colours.  The colours you choose should be “light” to the eyes as it will also reflect the natural light coming through the window, brightening up the room thus appearing spacious.  Choose more “leggy” furniture, in other words, furniture that sit on longer legs.  It exposes more of the floor underneath which makes it look like the furniture isn’t taking up as much room as it actually is.

  • The windows dressings should be minimal to none. The openness of the outdoors needs to connect with the inside for the room to appear larger than it is.  Of course, this trick can only be done if the windows aren’t covered.   
  • Draw the eye upward.  If your floor space doesn’t expand too far horizontally, start making use of the space going vertically by using the space above your eye level.  This particularly works if you have high ceilings, hang mid-size to large-size art slightly above eye level, this will draw your eyes upward making you less confined to the horizontal space.

  • Decorate with mirrors.  Hanging mirrors adjacent to your mirrors will reflect the open air and light from the outside.

Your windows are going to be your most valuable aspect to you small and spacious living area.  The key to opening up the area in a smaller room is to accent the windows as best you can.  If you’re not happy with how your windows look or if you find they are getting old, it’s time to consider replacement windows. Upgrading your windows can make a world of a difference in any room. Contact Thermo-Bilt windows & doors in Markham to make your home design ideas a reality.

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