Content Marketing Trends Your Business Needs To Do

Flyer distribution continues to bring in new customers and attract a targeted demographic for businesses. For a marketer to successfully reach its desired market, it is important to remain strong and identifiable within many areas. Maintaining an online social presence, using flyer distribution, and producing meaningful content are all areas which should be addressed. In order to stay on top of competitors, researching and understanding upcoming marketing trends are important ways to keep a business top of mind for consumers.

For 2017, here are some content marketing predictions:

  1. Improved creativity with the formatting of marketing platforms, including a strong visual presence as Google continues to advance with reading images to understand business messages.
  2. Focus on return customers will be important in not only ensuring customers purchase the product/service, but they continue to visit, following the brand on social media, and subscribe to future messaging.
  3. Live data is a predicted trend for 2017, with social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook adding live features.
  4. Continued success with email marketing, however predicted improvements and focus on relevant customer experiences.

Businesses today need to not only be present online, but offline as well. Flyer distribution, using DRMG’s direct mail services is one popular method of reaching customers not only through their phones, but through their mailbox as well.

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