How to Prepare Your Home For The Installation of Replacement Doors & Windows

replacement doors for home

Being in the business of installing brand new replacement doors & windows into hundreds of homes across Markham and the GTA area, we are often asked by homeowners, what they can do to prepare their home for the day we arrive on their scheduled installation date.  Understandably, it’s a very good question to ask because during this time, you’ll have our staff visiting your home, working in your living areas, and these areas would be exposed to the outdoor elements for some time.

So, here’s what you can do to prepare your home for a smooth and quick installation of your new doors & windows:

  1. Before your Thermo-Bilt installer arrives, you can take down any window coverings or drapes.
  2. Clear any obstruction around of the windows or doors that are going to be replaced such as, furniture or beds that may be directly under the window. This allows a clear working area for the installer.
  3. Try to allow a reasonable work area inside and out.
  4. When your installer arrives they will begin with site set up and use coverings to protect the floors and walls in the area from material and debris.
  5. Inform your installer of any alarm systems that you may have on your windows and doors.

If you’re thinking of starting a new home project this Spring and need more information on replacement doors & windows, contact Thermo-Bilt in Markham today.

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