The POG: Odour Eliminator Customer Review

hockey game odour remover using The POG

Here is a story about a POG user:

A few months ago I was facing a problem with my son’s hockey equipment. Even with an abundance of air fresheners and washing the jersey with high quality detergent, a stink was always left in the room. The equipment is left in my laundry room, properly hung up, with the windows cracked to let in some fresh air. However, despite my best efforts, I am still self conscious inviting friends over because the hockey equipment smell continues to linger. After talking with some other hockey moms on the team, I decided it was time for a new solution.

They suggested trying out The POG, an odour eliminator tough on harsh smells. After doing my research about other consumer experiences and reading up about the product’s technology, I purchased one. Placing it in my laundry room, I left it on a 3 hour cycle. Allowing it to complete its full time, I found the odour eliminator had done its job! I was pleasantly surprised with the results, and have been using it ever since. Finding it to be very effective, I even sometimes bring it with us to games and tournaments, placing The POG on and inside the zipped up hockey bag. I have even begun using it for my daughter’s sports equipment as well, and find it to be just as effective at eliminating the odour.

Now other moms are coming to me, asking how I manage to keep the sweaty smell off my children’s equipment – I point them straight to The POG!

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