Finding The Best Rock Salt Prices in Ontario

rock salt supply at Draglam Salt

As a homeowner, I want to make sure my family is safe during the wintertime. With my kids beginning to drive to school and work by themselves, I am always nervous about the road conditions during icy winters. I trust Draglam Salt, knowing they are Ontario’s supplier for bulk and bagged salt services. Feeling safer about the roads being properly salted after a winter night, I know my primary job is to make sure my family and neighbours are safe on my property. Using Draglam Salt, for not only their amazing professional services, but their affordable rock salt prices, I regularly salt my driveway, front steps, and surrounding sidewalk.

When I salt my property, I follow these steps:

  1. I begin my shoveling the snow from my driveway, front steps and sidewalks. Sometimes if I have extra time, I will continue shovelling my neighbor’s sidewalk as well. Shoveling will help reduce the chances of having to repair my sidewalk because of any cracks or damages from excessive salt use.
  2. Next, with a clear view of the ground, I can properly salt my property using a reasonable amount depending on the ice build up.
  3. After the ice is softened, I can continue shoveling.
  4. Finally, on areas that have not melted, I re-apply some salt.

All of this is done using Draglam Salt. See for yourself why they’re used throughout Ontario and popular for their affordable rock salt prices!

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