Reaching More Customers On A Budget

flyer distribution

Marketing on a budget can be difficult. Wanting to reach my target customers is the ultimate goal, but sometimes the struggle to balance between reaching my audience and spending a reasonable amount of money can be a challenge.

Learning about the various options for advertising and marketing my business, I’m trying to choose the options that best fit with my business needs. Below is a list I’ve compiled based on my research of different options for marketing on a tight budget:

Leverage the Community:

One way to get community support is through maintaining a strong presence with community initiatives. Some options for this is through volunteering at local events, and sponsoring youth sports teams. Don’t forget to make this known on social media and blogs! People love stories of your business and brand giving back.

Build Relationships:

Building strong relationships with customers is very important. Having reliable customers creates buzz amongst other potential customers. By creating positive rapport with customers it creates a lot of positive word of mouth that will bring in more customers.


This is one of the best ways to bring customers back, as well as bring in new first time customers. Customers love savings, and many people will go out of their way to use a coupon in order to take advantage of those savings.This is a surefire way to get customers coming back – again and again! 

Flyer Distribution:

Flyer distribution is a marketing method that will allow businesses to reach customers right in their homes. Flyers can be easily modified to diversify based on the target market and product feature.

The easiest way to achieve these results for your business is to contact DRMG. They have all your direct mail marketing needs to effectively contact your target audience. Contact them today and get started on building relationships with customs with custom coupons and flyer distribution.

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