HVAC Cleaning Will Reduce Allergies In Your Home This Spring

Everyone is excited about the warm weather! Everyone except the people who suffer from seasonal allergies.  Itchy eyes, a runny nose, and non-stop sneezing can be such a downer on a sunny day.  Pollen, ragweed, and other seasonal allergens can make their way into your home and can sit on the surfaces of your furniture, causing your allergies symptoms to flare up, including having difficulties breathing.

One way to alleviate your allergy symptoms in your home is to ensure you are getting proper HVAC maintenance done regularly and especially at the beginning of the season. Part of getting your HVAC system checked is to ensure there is no build up of debris in and around your indoor and outdoor units. Dust and debris will be cleared away to ensure there is no obstruction with the flow of clean air.  

Purchasing high quality furnace filters will drastically reduce the amount of dust and allergens that is able to pass through the air vents. It’s your home’s first point of defense in blocking allergens from entering your home. The filters should be checked and replaced monthly.

Don’t let your allergies hold you back this Spring, contact Aire One and learn more about HVAC maintenance and indoor air quality systems. Live better, breathe better with clean and purified air this Spring.  Book your next HVAC maintenance service with Aire One  today!

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