Important Documents To Bring For Your Local Tax Expert

local tax expert

I like to joke that I’m a local tax expert, but when it comes around to tax season I’m always left not knowing what to do! During tax season, I look to a real local tax expert by talking to the professionals at Softron. Due April 30th 2017, taxpayers have until then to submit their claims.

After working with a local tax export, the following are some important certificates needed if they apply.

  • T1 General Form.
  • T1 Statement of Remuneration Paid Form, if employed.
  • T4A, Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income, if retired.
  • T5, Statement of Investment, showing dividends, interests from bonds, or money loaned, if received money through investing.
  • T4E, Statement of Employment Insurance and other benefits, if received Employment Insurance
  • T5007, Statement of Benefits, if received worker’s compensation or social assistance

With a large list of receipts and forms needing to be filled, I always find it best to reduce the stress by working with a local tax expert like the professionals at Softron. By using professional services, this helps reduce the risk of any missed paperwork along the way! Tax season is tough enough, so I find it best to use an expert to get the job done.

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