Steps To Take When Meeting a Personal Injury Lawyer

toronto lawyer

The client relies on the lawyer to provide a good service, give realistic assessments of the case, highlight financial expectations, follow the client’s instructions, behave with sensitivity, and hold the client-lawyer discussions in confidence. However, in order for the lawyer to follow these expectations, the client must also behave accordingly.

It is very important that the client present the facts of the case fully and honestly. Holding out on information from the Toronto lawyer, will only cause more problems down the road. Even without doing so intentionally, failing to update the lawyer of any personal changes through the case can lead to problems.

Ensure expectations are discussed with the lawyer, so the end results are met and agreed upon by both parties. Discuss short term and long terms goals with the Toronto lawyer and how their services will be able to help.

Keep open communication with the lawyer, so everything to do with the process is understand. Ask any questions that come to mind, as through a mutual understanding, this will lead to better overall results.

Finally, while one responsibility of a lawyer is to discuss financial expectations, it is also the responsibility for the client to ask about the legal fees. Have this information in a written agreement so there is no confusion.

In conclusion, by using Zayouna Law’s Toronto personal injury lawyers, these expectations are assured to be met, with the help from a professional and courteous team, the client-lawyer relationship will be a positive one!


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