Unusual HVAC Issues That Might Surprise You!

Have you ever felt unusual air pressure in the room? Perhaps the room just became unusually cold or hot, or you feel a draft of air pass through the room when all the windows and doors are shut. Do you hear the faint sound of wind whistling in the room?  Just then, the bedroom door begins to sway and then suddenly slam shut!  

With your nerves a little rattled, you pick up the phone and hurriedly search for the phone number for your local HVAC repair technician at Aire One. You may not believe in ghosts, but you certainly have reasons to believe that something funky is happening with your HVAC system.

Unbalanced air pressure could be the cause of the unusual activity. When your heating, cooling, and ventilation system is poorly designed for the space or just not working properly, you can end up with positive or negative air pressure which could be caused by any of the following:

  • Air conditioner motor is set too high, forcing too much air into the room.
  • Leaky ducts due to holes or leaks
  • Hot air rising – your furnace may be drawing hot air up and out of your home through the vents, causing negative pressure if they expel too much air out.

Any of these issues could indicate you’re in need of air conditioner or furnace repairs which could be detrimental to the safety and comfort of you and your family members.  Aire One can offer you qualified technicians to diagnose and repair any issues, which may be as simple as adjusting fan motors or repairing damaged ducts. Get in contact with Aire One today to schedule a service appointment, we’ll give you all the options you need.

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