Tips For Maintaining Your Brand New Car

auto repair mississauga

There’s nothing like driving out of the lot in a shiny new vehicle with spotless interior, and a smooth sounding engine.  It’s not that often that you get to experience that “new car” feel, after all, it’s not everyday that we buy a new car.  So why not make it last?

Here are a few tips to keeping your new car crisp for years to come:

Tip 1

Break it in slowly, there’s no need to drive it like you stole it.

Tip 2

Check and change the engine oil.  Check your owner’s manual for your car’s requirements.  No other tip will help your engine last as long as oil changes.  Adversely, nothing will damage the engine quicker than neglecting oil changes.

Tip 3

Flush the cooling system and change the coolant once a year.  Keep in mind, with a brand new car, you have the opportunity for selling or trading in your vehicle in the future. Being able to show that it has been regularly serviced can make a huge big difference to its value.

Tip 4

Keep it clean.  Wash off dirt and grime from the vehicle including the undercarriage, especially any accumulation of road salts which could cause erosion.

Tip 5

Keep the moving parts lubricated.  Parts can get damaged very quickly if they are not properly greased.

Remember, whether your car is fresh off the lot or 10 years old, proper car is required to ensure your car remains reliable and safe for yourself and your passengers.  Protect your new investment with regular maintenance and service at the best auto repair shop in Mississauga.  Get in touch with trained and accredited mechanics at your local Master Mechanic and ask how we ensure the optimum performance, efficiency, safety and reliability of your vehicle with our preventative maintenance packages.  

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