3 Ways Direct Mail Can Improve Your Seasonal Business

Looking to grow your seasonal business? Find out how direct mail advertising can help.


If you own a seasonal business, it’s important to put extra effort into reaching prospective customers during your operation window. Whether you offer landscaping services or are selling decorations for the holiday season, it’s crucial to create a sense of urgency around your good or service in order to encourage your target demographic to act right away.

Here are 3 key strategies direct mail advertising employs to help you improve your seasonal business:

Uses deadlines to motivate prospective customers

Direct mail marketing uses deadlines as a way to generate urgency and create a call to action. Graphic designers will ensure the expiration of your good or service is made apparent. As well, you can offer a discount to customers who enroll or shop before a certain date so they have an incentive to take action quickly.

Rewards faithful customers

In addition to broadening your customer base, direct mail takes into account the importance of retaining existing customers. For example, if you own a snow shovelling business that only operates during the winter months, offer clients a discount if they sign up for 2 or more years. Alternatively, you can reward existing clients by offering them an exclusive promotion for the upcoming season.

Offers an off-season promotion or coupon code

Direct mail can include a seasonal promotion or coupon code that enables you to track exactly how many new customers the campaign is generating. If your business operates year round but is busiest during a particular time of year, offer customers a promotion they can use during the off-season.

As digital advertising continues to proliferate the advertising space, more and more business owners are turning to direct mail to deliver their message. If you own a GTA based business, contact Digital Response Media Group to find out more about how direct mail advertising can help your seasonal business thrive.

Top 5 Promotional Products for Fundraising Events

Hosting a fundraising event for your small business is great way to create some buzz around your brand while contributing to a good cause.  If you’ve been toying with the idea but are not sure where to start, well, it’s true that event planning isn’t a small task but for starters, you’ll need to gain the interest of people in order for your event to actually raise funds. At the same time, you’ll want to increase your brand awareness while you have the attention of your intended audience.

One very effective and traditional way of promoting your event is by using promotional products as a marketing tool, one that fits the budget.  Here are the top 5 promotional products you can use to promote your fundraising campaign:

T-Shirts – You can never go wrong when you give out free t-shirts and the more people wearing them, the more people will recognize your small business brand and fundraising campaign.  Combine your logo with the name of your event on a printed tee.

Water bottle – These are great because people carry water bottles everywhere, not just in the home of office which gives added exposure to your promotion.

Pens – One of the most used and shared item out there.  Using a pen as a promotional product literally puts the information directly into the hands of your audience.

Mugs – Again, one of the most used item out there.  Almost anyone starts their day with a cup of coffee in the office or at home.   Mugs are just another one of those things you can never have enough of!

Umbrella – Rain or shine, the event will go on!  Have your small business logo printed on an umbrella and thank people for attending your event with a umbrella giveaway. People appreciate having an umbrella on hand more than you may think!

Apex Image Marketing creates lasting impressions with quality promotional products that suit almost every business type. Visit Apex Image Marketing to view all the promotional products available.

Using Promotional Products for Trade Show Marketing

Spring and Summer are the seasons when small business fairs and Trade Shows are in full swing.  Trade Shows are the best way to get your name out there, to meet your customers in-person, tell them about your services, and create a lasting impression, not to mention it brings in a ton of people that share similar interests related to your business.

If your business will be participating in a trade show this Summer, have you thought of how you will be marketing your business at the show?  Promotional products work great as Trade Show giveaways.  People love the idea of getting something free, especially something they can actually use and won’t just end up in the landfill.  We find the best types of products for tradeshows are printed pens, keychains, custom apparel, and embroidered totes.  Each of these items are the most used and appreciated, thus getting the most exposure to your brand.   

Apex Image Marketing creates lasting impressions with quality promotional products that suit almost every business type.  Visit Apex Image Marketing to view all the promotional products available.


How Flyer Distribution Can Help Your Small Business

Flyer distribution isn’t as simple as dropping off business flyers on random doorsteps. Deciding which home to deliver a flyer to, and which flyer is best for their needs, is done through precision targeting. Through this system, flyer distribution is determined by a software that recognizes the household dynamics of each home in a selected geographical area. This way, your business flyer will hit its desired target demographic.

Through DRMG’s precision targeter, business owners can choose their target by area and audience. Within an area, your business flyer can be distributed by location through either a drive distance, radius, drive time or buffer, depending on your specific targeted location. Or, you can target by area through postal (FSA), or a custom selection where you can draw out your preferred area. Flyer distribution can also be targeted based on a number of audience characteristics. Some examples are building construction period, education, family structure, income, employment status or immigrants place of birth.
There are a wide variety of ways in which your flyer distribution can be pinpointed to your ‘perfect customer’ to ensure success. DRMG offers more, for less! With a number of ways you can target your customers, they’re experienced in helping business owners achieve success with their marketing campaigns. Contact them today for more information about direct marketing services!

New Year Resolutions Every Small Business Owner Should Have

Cheers to attainable goals! Set new and refreshing goals aimed towards business success in 2017.  Every small business owner can benefit from these new year’s resolutions:

Learn how to delegate

Start looking at the bigger picture and delegate the nitty-gritty tasks to someone else for a change. Believe it or not, others are capable of sharing your vision, if you give them a chance. This will allow you to free up some time to explore new possibilities and grow your business.

Commit to business groups and grow your network

Join the groups of people working in the same industry, everyone from freelancers, beginners, and leaders. Building strong relationships with like businesses is as important as gaining customers. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own business and our customers that we forget there’s a whole other side that matters and is just as important –having a strong network behind your business!

Out with the old, in with the new

“Not all products are going to sell, not all methods are going to work.”  

Ditch anything that’s no longer working for you. Perhaps you haven’t been getting any traction with your email newsletter campaign. How about a more traditional method that’s still going strong: good ol’ flyer distribution.  

Promote more consistently and regularly

The concept is simple, you just have to follow through on it, no matter how busy you get. Invest time into promoting your business regularly or a method or someone that’ll help you get it done.

For more information on promoting your business and direct mail marketing contact, DRMG today for a free quote and consultation on reaching more potential leads and customers in your area!