Flemingdon Food Bank: Business Incentives To Donate

Food donations are a vital way in which you can support hungry people in northern Toronto. North York Flemingdon Food Bank accepts all fresh and non-perishable donations. The most important factor you need to consider is that donating food to a food bank not only helps the community, but benefits the day-to-day functions of the food bank, and increases a business’ brand in positive ways. Flemingdon Food Bank has many years of experience working with large corporations to help fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives around alleviating food insecurity, poverty and helping Canadians in need. Here are the following ways donating to Flemingdon Food Bank can help your business:

Reduces waste removal costs

Eliminates a company’s dumping cost and helps alleviate the surplus of perfectly good food many places throw out. By working with a food bank, you can save money and reduce waste in landfills.

Generates tax deduction

By donating, many businesses can receive tax deductions for the costs of producing, packaging and delivering products.Plus up to 50 percent of the difference between the cost and the fair market value.

More inventory control

A donation can reduce your surplus of hard-to-move inventory and unsaleables. Many food banks will take in your inventory that has been stagnant with little return in profit.

Company recognition

The Flemingdon Food Bank promotes food donors through a variety of communications and marketing materials, including the annual report, website and social media outlets.

Increases community goodwill

Donations will lead to recognition throughout the community.

Enhances employee morale

Employees can feel good when their company salvages usable food and makes a positive contribution to their community.

Contact the Flemingdon Food Bank if your business is interested in donating food or money to help Canadian families in need.


Why You Should Donate to The Flemingdon Food Bank

Flemingdon Food Bank

The Flemingdon Food Bank provides supplies food to individuals and families who live in Toronto area, near Flemingdon Park.The Flemingdon Community Food Bank (FCFB) is the largest food bank in the City of Toronto. It provides 3000 pounds of food a week in serving over 30000 people.

Through creative partnerships and the generous support of donors, the Flemingdon Food Bank hampers feature fresh produce, milk, eggs, and whole grains. Every month, they try to focus on seasonal vegetables – and give tips and examples on how to use and prepare it through food demonstrations and recipes.

Food Donations

People living in poverty often struggle to access enough healthy foods, such as protein, and nutritious donations to food banks can go a long way towards increasing these options. The Flemingdon Food Bank is always in need of fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, dry beans, and unsweetened, organic soy milk in Tetra Pak containers (non-expired).

Service Area

If you live outside the food bank service area, you can search for the closest food bank to you by using 211 Toronto. If you are looking to help you can contact the Flemingdon Food Bank or call 416-422-4322 to leave your information.

Donating to charity is a good thing, particularly during the holidays, when many charities budget for yuletide donations. All donations are welcome, whether it’s fresh and canned food or monetary donations to keep the food bank running.

Restaurant 101: 5 Food & Cocktail Pairings To Enjoy This Summer

You don’t have to eat at a stuffy, overpriced restaurant to enjoy some delicious food and cocktail pairings. Here are 5 delicious combinations to enjoy this summer.

Nothing says summer like enjoying some delicious food and drinks on a restaurant patio. Many of us opt for a tried and true glass of rosé or a beer to go along with our meal, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not order a cocktail instead. Here are some food and cocktail pairings to elevate your summer dining experience to the next level.

Hamburger & Long Island Iced Tea

Trade your beer for a refreshing Long Island Iced Tea next time you order a burger. You’ll find a hearty burger balances out the hefty alcohol content of a Long Island Iced Tea perfectly.

Fajitas & Margaritas

This Mexican favourite is too often forgotten. The sour lime notes of the margarita mixed with the medley of flavours in the fajitas are a match made in heaven.

Shrimp Stir-Fry & Cosmopolitan

Instead of a go-to white wine, try out a crisp cosmopolitan. It’s the perfect complement to stir-fry shrimp and fresh green vegetables.

Salad & Vodka Martini

A chopped salad with cucumber, pickles, or olives tossed in a light dressing pairs wonderfully with a vodka martini. The simplicity of the combination really allows the flavours to come through.

Steak & Caesar

You no longer have to limit your enjoyment of a Caesar to brunch. The tomato-based drink will compliment your meal nicely and you’ll be surprised how well the spicy kick will enhance the flavours of the meat.

If you live in Barrie and are looking for a casual restaurant with delicious food, head over to Applebee’s to try out these food and cocktail combinations. If you’re looking for a delicious restaurant in Barrie this summer Applebee’s offers the best patio for fun drinks and amazing shareable apps. 

Thing’s To Do This Spring Near Grant Park, Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a beautiful place in the Spring, with so many parks, attractions, and great restaurants to visit, you’ll have a whole day’s worth or enjoyment in the Grant Park area.  As the warm Spring air rolls in, it’s time to start planning fun days with the family. Here are the best things to do in Winnipeg during the spring:

Visit the Assiniboine Zoo, 2595 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg

It’s a great attraction for families, especially those with small children.  See tigers, pandas, exotic birds, monkeys, critters, watch the polar bears swim, and more!

Enjoy a day in Nature at FortWhyte Alive, 1961 McCreary Rd

There are a ton of activities to do here that are suitable for people of all ages, including families with or without children can enjoy hiking, walking, biking, canoeing, and more.

Adrenaline Adventures, 600 Caron Rd

Feel like a for being active?  Adrenaline Adventures is a place you can try cable wake boarding, zip-lining, climbing, rope courses, paint-balling, beach volleyball, and more.  It’s the best place to experience fun and challenging adventures.

After a full day of fun, you’ll be sure to work up an appetite for a hearty and delicious meal. One of the best restaurants in Winnipeg for social gatherings and family outings is your neighborhood Applebee’s. Here you’ll find great food, great prices, all within the Grant Park area in Winnipeg, just a short drive from the attractions and entertainment.  

Enjoy all of your classic favourites on their menu like BBQ pork back ribs, slow-cooked, smoked, and seasoned to perfection. Taste premium hand-cut steaks off the grill, served with redskin garlic mashed and seasonal vegetables, or any of their signature burgers. Come by Applebee’s after work, the big game or shopping! Anytime at 1150 Grant Park Avenue, Winnipeg.

3 Favorite Desserts You’ll Want To Try

You know you have a sweet tooth when you could eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, enjoy french toast for brunch, and still manage to scarf down a donut for dessert after lunch.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with talking a walk on the sweet side.  There’s no reason to feel guilty over your love for sweets.  The next time you’ve got a craving, Applebee’s has just what you need to satisfy your craving for sweets, and we’re not just talking about desserts.  

We asked a few people that love sweets what they always order from Applebee’s. Here is a list of their top three favourites from their menu:

Orchard salad, start off your meal with fresh mixed greens, granny smith apples, dried cranberries, bacon, white cheddar, spicy glazed pecans tossed in a sweet apple vinaigrette dressing.

4-cheese mac & cheese with honey pepper chicken fingers, a homestyle classic with a sweet and savoury twist.  An Applebee’s favourite.

Blue ribbon brownie, a super moist brownie with chunks of dark chocolate, nuts, and hot fudge. Served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, the ultimate dessert.

They’ve got something sweet for an appetizer, main dish, and of course dessert.  The next time you’re sweet tooth gets the best of you, head over to your neighbourhood Applebee’s restaurant in Windsor to enjoy a sweet and wholesome meal with your family and friends. Come after work, the big game or shopping! Visit Applebee’s anytime at 2250 Division Road in Windsor.