Maintain Your Pool For Summer Fun!

The Niagara Region is a popular spot for families to settle down, with the unique natural landscapes, and lots of activities to stay busy with it is one of Ontario’s greatest places. Known for the world’s famous Niagara Falls and wineries, the Niagara region is also extremely popular for tourists to visit. Living in the Niagara Region really has its benefits, even though sometimes it can get very busy with tourists.

One thing I love about living in the Niagara region is the new home and pool! With this upcoming warm weather, it’ll be great to cool down from the hot sun in the pool. I know the kids are going to love inviting their friends over for a pool day, and it will be perfect for family barbecues.

The only problem is I have never had a pool before, I don’t know the proper pool maintenance needed year round. This is why I decided to hire Total Pro Pools  for all my pool needs in the Niagara region. They help with cleaning and maintenance, pool opening and closing, or leak detection and repair. I plan on sitting back and relaxing pool side with my kids, while the experts from Total Pro Pools handle all of my pool related needs.


3 Favorite Desserts You’ll Want To Try

You know you have a sweet tooth when you could eat a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, enjoy french toast for brunch, and still manage to scarf down a donut for dessert after lunch.  Hey, there’s nothing wrong with talking a walk on the sweet side.  There’s no reason to feel guilty over your love for sweets.  The next time you’ve got a craving, Applebee’s has just what you need to satisfy your craving for sweets, and we’re not just talking about desserts.  

We asked a few people that love sweets what they always order from Applebee’s. Here is a list of their top three favourites from their menu:

Orchard salad, start off your meal with fresh mixed greens, granny smith apples, dried cranberries, bacon, white cheddar, spicy glazed pecans tossed in a sweet apple vinaigrette dressing.

4-cheese mac & cheese with honey pepper chicken fingers, a homestyle classic with a sweet and savoury twist.  An Applebee’s favourite.

Blue ribbon brownie, a super moist brownie with chunks of dark chocolate, nuts, and hot fudge. Served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, the ultimate dessert.

They’ve got something sweet for an appetizer, main dish, and of course dessert.  The next time you’re sweet tooth gets the best of you, head over to your neighbourhood Applebee’s restaurant in Windsor to enjoy a sweet and wholesome meal with your family and friends. Come after work, the big game or shopping! Visit Applebee’s anytime at 2250 Division Road in Windsor.

Finding The Best Rock Salt Prices in Ontario

As a homeowner, I want to make sure my family is safe during the wintertime. With my kids beginning to drive to school and work by themselves, I am always nervous about the road conditions during icy winters. I trust Draglam Salt, knowing they are Ontario’s supplier for bulk and bagged salt services. Feeling safer about the roads being properly salted after a winter night, I know my primary job is to make sure my family and neighbours are safe on my property. Using Draglam Salt, for not only their amazing professional services, but their affordable rock salt prices, I regularly salt my driveway, front steps, and surrounding sidewalk.

When I salt my property, I follow these steps:

  1. I begin my shoveling the snow from my driveway, front steps and sidewalks. Sometimes if I have extra time, I will continue shovelling my neighbor’s sidewalk as well. Shoveling will help reduce the chances of having to repair my sidewalk because of any cracks or damages from excessive salt use.
  2. Next, with a clear view of the ground, I can properly salt my property using a reasonable amount depending on the ice build up.
  3. After the ice is softened, I can continue shoveling.
  4. Finally, on areas that have not melted, I re-apply some salt.

All of this is done using Draglam Salt. See for yourself why they’re used throughout Ontario and popular for their affordable rock salt prices!

The POG: Odour Eliminator Customer Review

Here is a story about a POG user:

A few months ago I was facing a problem with my son’s hockey equipment. Even with an abundance of air fresheners and washing the jersey with high quality detergent, a stink was always left in the room. The equipment is left in my laundry room, properly hung up, with the windows cracked to let in some fresh air. However, despite my best efforts, I am still self conscious inviting friends over because the hockey equipment smell continues to linger. After talking with some other hockey moms on the team, I decided it was time for a new solution.

They suggested trying out The POG, an odour eliminator tough on harsh smells. After doing my research about other consumer experiences and reading up about the product’s technology, I purchased one. Placing it in my laundry room, I left it on a 3 hour cycle. Allowing it to complete its full time, I found the odour eliminator had done its job! I was pleasantly surprised with the results, and have been using it ever since. Finding it to be very effective, I even sometimes bring it with us to games and tournaments, placing The POG on and inside the zipped up hockey bag. I have even begun using it for my daughter’s sports equipment as well, and find it to be just as effective at eliminating the odour.

Now other moms are coming to me, asking how I manage to keep the sweaty smell off my children’s equipment – I point them straight to The POG!

Best Kids Birthday Party Idea in Toronto

Birthday party planning for a kid 4-6 years old can be difficult when trying to decide how many friends and family can attend, and what to do that will keep the entertained. At this age, kids not only need to be constantly entertained, but also supervised. Having a party at home may be a good idea for monitoring the kids, however this can be stressful when also trying to cook, clean and entertain! A solution for this, is having the party in a controlled environment, where the kids will be entertained by a fun activity, and the parents will have added supervision through the support of the staff involved.

One option for this is Chocolate Tales, a popular destination for those looking for a kids birthday party Toronto. Offering nut-free, gluten-free, and kosher options, Chocolate Tales is inclusive to all kids. There is also a variety of activities to choose from, such as animal shaped lollipop making, cake decorating, and more. In this age group, they offer appropriate features such as storytelling, interactive chocolate games, and homemade chocolate creations.

Looking at their website for more information, a list of activities, and videos of past kids birthday parties in Toronto, will give any interested party planner the perfect idea for kids aged 4-6!

How Flyer Distribution Can Help Your Small Business

Flyer distribution isn’t as simple as dropping off business flyers on random doorsteps. Deciding which home to deliver a flyer to, and which flyer is best for their needs, is done through precision targeting. Through this system, flyer distribution is determined by a software that recognizes the household dynamics of each home in a selected geographical area. This way, your business flyer will hit its desired target demographic.

Through DRMG’s precision targeter, business owners can choose their target by area and audience. Within an area, your business flyer can be distributed by location through either a drive distance, radius, drive time or buffer, depending on your specific targeted location. Or, you can target by area through postal (FSA), or a custom selection where you can draw out your preferred area. Flyer distribution can also be targeted based on a number of audience characteristics. Some examples are building construction period, education, family structure, income, employment status or immigrants place of birth.
There are a wide variety of ways in which your flyer distribution can be pinpointed to your ‘perfect customer’ to ensure success. DRMG offers more, for less! With a number of ways you can target your customers, they’re experienced in helping business owners achieve success with their marketing campaigns. Contact them today for more information about direct marketing services!

West GTA Landscaping Professionals: Tips to Maintaining Your Interlocking Driveway and Walkways

synergy contracting - interlock.PNG

As landscaping professionals for many years, we can offer a few tips to maintaining your interlocking patios. Following these tips can help to ensure your interlock can be virtually maintenance free for several years:


Use water and soap to remove dirt, grime or rust that may run off from vehicles and build up on the surface. Use a power wash to lift off stains, however try not to aim the powerwash directly into the cracks between the interlock.


Some chemicals found in de-icing salts or fertilizers can cause damage to your interlocking driveway or walkway. Find a de-icer that is safe for concrete.


Avoid using metal shovels to clear snow. Use plastic shovels as an alternative and if you’re using a snowblower, raise the blades to ensure it is not scratching the surface of the interlock.


After cleaning the surface of the interlocking driveway, patio, or walkway, once the surface has dried pour polymeric sand onto the pavers. Using a broom, sweep the sand across the surface. The sand will fall into the joints filling the gaps.

Tips to Maintaining Your Interlocking Driveway and Walkways

For more information on landscaping and interlocking patios, contact Synergy Contracting.  They provide a complete set of landscaping services in West GTA, such as the construction of interlocking pavers for patios, decks, driveways and pathways.