Flemingdon Food Bank: Business Incentives To Donate

Food donations are a vital way in which you can support hungry people in northern Toronto. North York Flemingdon Food Bank accepts all fresh and non-perishable donations. The most important factor you need to consider is that donating food to a food bank not only helps the community, but benefits the day-to-day functions of the food bank, and increases a business’ brand in positive ways. Flemingdon Food Bank has many years of experience working with large corporations to help fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives around alleviating food insecurity, poverty and helping Canadians in need. Here are the following ways donating to Flemingdon Food Bank can help your business:

Reduces waste removal costs

Eliminates a company’s dumping cost and helps alleviate the surplus of perfectly good food many places throw out. By working with a food bank, you can save money and reduce waste in landfills.

Generates tax deduction

By donating, many businesses can receive tax deductions for the costs of producing, packaging and delivering products.Plus up to 50 percent of the difference between the cost and the fair market value.

More inventory control

A donation can reduce your surplus of hard-to-move inventory and unsaleables. Many food banks will take in your inventory that has been stagnant with little return in profit.

Company recognition

The Flemingdon Food Bank promotes food donors through a variety of communications and marketing materials, including the annual report, website and social media outlets.

Increases community goodwill

Donations will lead to recognition throughout the community.

Enhances employee morale

Employees can feel good when their company salvages usable food and makes a positive contribution to their community.

Contact the Flemingdon Food Bank if your business is interested in donating food or money to help Canadian families in need.


3 Tips for Throwing a Kids Birthday Party

Here are our top 3 tips for throwing a kids birthday party that is sure to be a hit!

We know how overwhelming it can be to plan a kids birthday party. Your mind is probably overflowing with questions: What activities will be fun and age appropriate? What about party favours? What type of snacks should I have available? Thinking about all of these factors while trying to stay within budget is certainly a  challenge.  

We’ve got your back; simply follow these 3 expert tips to throw a party that’s sure to be a hit:

Plan ahead

It’s easy to get frazzled when planning a party for your child, but staying organized and planning ahead is key to keeping your stress levels to a minimum. Start putting together a guest list as early as six weeks before the day of the celebration and try to send out invitations a month in advance. Also, it’s important to start buying decorations and booking entertainment ahead of time so you have less to worry about in the days before the party.

Timing is everything

Many parents forget what it’s like to be a child. Remember that kids tend to get bored fairly quickly and generally require constant stimulation in order to have a good time. Try to schedule various activities, entertainers, and games ahead of time to avoid long intervals of unoccupied time where your guests will get bored. Also, if you want to avoid having to deal with picky eaters and serving a full meal, having the event in the afternoon – after lunch and before dinner – is a great way to limit the menu to sweet treats, snacks, and of course, birthday cake!

Think outside the box

When it comes to choosing activities for the party, try your best to think outside the box. Chances are most of the kids at your party will have been to countless princess or superhero themed birthday parties with clowns or magicians as entertainment. Choose an unconventional theme and a unique activity, and your party is sure to be a memorable one!

If you are throwing a party in Toronto or in the GTA, contact Chocolate Tales Kids for a pre-planned creative and delicious birthday celebration that is sure to be a success.


Why You Should Donate to The Flemingdon Food Bank

Flemingdon Food Bank

The Flemingdon Food Bank provides supplies food to individuals and families who live in Toronto area, near Flemingdon Park.The Flemingdon Community Food Bank (FCFB) is the largest food bank in the City of Toronto. It provides 3000 pounds of food a week in serving over 30000 people.

Through creative partnerships and the generous support of donors, the Flemingdon Food Bank hampers feature fresh produce, milk, eggs, and whole grains. Every month, they try to focus on seasonal vegetables – and give tips and examples on how to use and prepare it through food demonstrations and recipes.

Food Donations

People living in poverty often struggle to access enough healthy foods, such as protein, and nutritious donations to food banks can go a long way towards increasing these options. The Flemingdon Food Bank is always in need of fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, dry beans, and unsweetened, organic soy milk in Tetra Pak containers (non-expired).

Service Area

If you live outside the food bank service area, you can search for the closest food bank to you by using 211 Toronto. If you are looking to help you can contact the Flemingdon Food Bank or call 416-422-4322 to leave your information.

Donating to charity is a good thing, particularly during the holidays, when many charities budget for yuletide donations. All donations are welcome, whether it’s fresh and canned food or monetary donations to keep the food bank running.

3 New Trends in the Real Estate Market Toronto

With summer coming, here are three new trends to expect in the real estate market Toronto, according to the latest market watch reports.

Here are a few new trends to expect in the real estate market Toronto, according to the latest market reports:

1. Largest growth occurring in the areas surrounding GTA

According to the Bank of Canada’s newest Financial System Review, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is experiencing a 32% increase in house prices. This is relative to April 2016 price levels. Most notably, the price of condos in the GTA has significantly increased. In the first few months of the year the price of condos was almost on par with prices of single-family homes.  

As prices have risen, homeowners are looking for more affordable housing just outside of the GTA. Consequently, home prices in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area have risen. As a result of this increase, the areas surrounding the GTA have experienced growth at a faster rate than areas within the GTA.

2. Price growth strong despite increase in listings

The May 2017 resale housing market figures revealed that despite active listings going up to 42.9% in May, price growth remains strong. Elli Davis and her team suggest in their latest Market Watch Report that the average selling price in May hit $863,910. This is a 14.9% increase compared to last year.

3. Summer home releases and openings

Lastly, as homeowners begin to take advantage of the strong price growth, we’re bound to see many new home releases and openings this summer.

With listings growing, it’s sure to be an exciting summer for the real estate market Toronto.

Maintain Your Pool For Summer Fun!

The Niagara Region is a popular spot for families to settle down, with the unique natural landscapes, and lots of activities to stay busy with it is one of Ontario’s greatest places. Known for the world’s famous Niagara Falls and wineries, the Niagara region is also extremely popular for tourists to visit. Living in the Niagara Region really has its benefits, even though sometimes it can get very busy with tourists.

One thing I love about living in the Niagara region is the new home and pool! With this upcoming warm weather, it’ll be great to cool down from the hot sun in the pool. I know the kids are going to love inviting their friends over for a pool day, and it will be perfect for family barbecues.

The only problem is I have never had a pool before, I don’t know the proper pool maintenance needed year round. This is why I decided to hire Total Pro Pools  for all my pool needs in the Niagara region. They help with cleaning and maintenance, pool opening and closing, or leak detection and repair. I plan on sitting back and relaxing pool side with my kids, while the experts from Total Pro Pools handle all of my pool related needs.

How To Select The Right Dentist

Dental hygiene is an important element of health. In fact, studies reveal that poor oral care can cause serious health risks in the long run: heart disease, dementia, respiratory infections, and diabetic complications. Many people practice basic oral health care, such as brushing and flossing your teeth.

However, regular cleanings and checkups at the dentist are an integral part of maintaining oral health, and overall bodily health. Factors can impede people from scheduling dentist’s appointments as often as they should. Most dentist offices recommend a cleaning and exam every 6 months. However, issues like no insurance coverage, busy schedules, and a fear or anxiety of the dentist can discourage people from making appointments.

A way to combat these factors is to select a dental office that fits your needs and expectations. A few standard things to look for when selecting a dentist are: up-to-date technology, innovations in digital technology has dramatically improved the quality of dental care; a clean and modern office will directly reflect the attention and care the dentist and staff put into all elements of their practice; a friendly and responsive staff who demonstrate that it is your needs that come first, and whatever hesitations you may have are considered and addressed. If you are looking for a family dentist in Burlington that meet these qualifications – Ralhan Dental is the place for you! With over fifteen years of experience, Dr. Ralhan is well known for giving his patients healthy and beautiful smiles. Book your appointment today!

Replacement Windows Add Positive Feng Shui To Your Home

The word “fenestration” means, the arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building. The word “feng shui” is a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to flow of energy. Both of these words demonstrate the importance of design and organizing space.

The placement of a door, a couch, or a decorative vase can all impact the overall feeling of a space. Many people consider their homes their sanctuary, which is why it is important to consider the elements that make up a home. Many people focus on things such as the colour of the walls, the appliances, and flooring. While all are important, one of the most integral elements of a house are the windows.

Windows are important to help keep heat in during cold months, and let in fresh clean air during warm months. In addition to functionality, research reveals how daily exposure to light can impact ones energy, levels of productivity, and overall sleep quality. Ensuring your windows are taken care of is beneficial not only to the aesthetic of your home, but the well being of its inhabitants. As the warmer weather arrives, check to see if your home could benefit from window replacements. For years in the Mississauga community, Custom Windows Designs has been installing professional, high quality vinyl window replacements. The vinyl material they use for window replacements are guaranteed not to pit, peel, fade or flake. Invest in windows that will last, receive a FREE quote today!