3 New Trends in the Real Estate Market Toronto

With summer coming, here are three new trends to expect in the real estate market Toronto, according to the latest market watch reports.


Here are a few new trends to expect in the real estate market Toronto, according to the latest market reports:

1. Largest growth occurring in the areas surrounding GTA

According to the Bank of Canada’s newest Financial System Review, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is experiencing a 32% increase in house prices. This is relative to April 2016 price levels. Most notably, the price of condos in the GTA has significantly increased. In the first few months of the year the price of condos was almost on par with prices of single-family homes.  

As prices have risen, homeowners are looking for more affordable housing just outside of the GTA. Consequently, home prices in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area have risen. As a result of this increase, the areas surrounding the GTA have experienced growth at a faster rate than areas within the GTA.

2. Price growth strong despite increase in listings

The May 2017 resale housing market figures revealed that despite active listings going up to 42.9% in May, price growth remains strong. Elli Davis and her team suggest in their latest Market Watch Report that the average selling price in May hit $863,910. This is a 14.9% increase compared to last year.

3. Summer home releases and openings

Lastly, as homeowners begin to take advantage of the strong price growth, we’re bound to see many new home releases and openings this summer.

With listings growing, it’s sure to be an exciting summer for the real estate market Toronto.

MLS Listing Make A Difference When Selling Your Toronto Home

Selling your house or searching for your dream home can be a daunting task. Going it alone can be even more overwhelming – and quite frankly, very complex. When housing prices in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area have skyrocketed exponentially, year after year; where can someone look when they’re looking for a home in a Toronto location, with specific features and upgrades? You start with a realtor with expertise using MLS listings and one that is a part of the community – from the local schools and parks, to the small shops and malls .

Having a real estate agent who knows the competitiveness of the real estate market is essential. Especially when realtors and brokers need to work with each other to ensure a successful transaction. Working with a Toronto realtor who has access to MLS listings is an advantage to find cooperative brokers who can help buy or sell a client’s’ homes.

Whether, it’s in Forest Hill, The Annex, Yorkville, Rosedale, High Park or Roncesvalles you can be assured Elli Davis knows her Central Toronto neighborhoods. If you’re interested in buying a home in Toronto or you’re looking to sell your home; you’ll be confident working with a professional Toronto realtor with over 25 years experience. She has access to the largest pool of properties for sale in the marketplace! Get in contact with Elli Davis today, your local real estate agent or REALTOR ® at Royal LePage.

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas Anyway?

For most people, the initial choice would be to put regular gas into their vehicles because it costs less, but you can’t help asking if premium gas is really worth it.  

The main difference between regular, mid-grade, and premium gasoline is the octane level.  A higher octane level contributes a more efficient burn in the combustion chamber.  When you are making your selection at the pump, you’ll notice that most gas stations offer three levels of octane which will be the large number indicated on the button:  Unleaded 87, Plus Unleaded 89, and Premium Unleaded 91-93.  The higher the octane level, the higher the price.  Premium gas does give a slightly better fuel economy however, some may argue that it’s not worth the big price gap from regular gas which typically costs about 15 to 20 cents less per gallon than premium.

When to consider premium gas

Although regular octane gas is recommended for most vehicles, your best bet is to check your owner’s manual.  There are a handful of cars with high compression engines, like sports cars and certain luxury cars, need mid-grade or premium gasoline to prevent knocking.  This would be the only time you would need to consider filling up with premium gas.

It may seem that filling up with premium gas is like giving your car a treat, but if your car doesn’t require it then it really doesn’t offer any benefit, it will only end up costing you more.  The only way to ensure your car is performing at it’s best is to keep on top of a regular car maintenance schedule.

Get in touch with your local Master Mechanic and ask about schedules preventative maintenance services which includes, oil changes, filter changes, and general services.  Give your car a well-needed “spa” day at the best auto repair shop in Toronto, contact Master Mechanic today!

Trade Show Checklist: How to Sell Your Products Successfully

Most trade show booths start out with nothing but a table and a few square feet to work with so, it’s becomes extremely important to have a well-designed and captivating exhibit that will draw the attention of the people attending. Typically, trade shows tend to bring in tons of foot traffic, some events bring in thousands of visitors over weekend-long events. With that being said, here are your trade show must-haves to ensure your exhibit is the best it can possibly be:

  1. Your exhibit should focus on only the new and featured products and services of your business.  Don’t try to cram all of your products on your display table.  
  2. Your exhibit should include technology, whether you have a monitor showing images and videos, or an ipad for customer to engage with.
  3. Your exhibit must have marketing material that prominently displays your business name and website.  Make use of brochures, banners, flyers, or display boards.
  4. Everyone loves getting free stuff at these kind of events.  Use promotional products to increase your brand awareness and leave an impression.  Use branded totes for people purchasing your products, hand out keychains, pens, water bottles, mugs, or stationary branded with your business name and logo.
  5. Employees working the exhibit should wear branded apparel with your business name and logo consistent with your vision and marketing direction, such as using all blue shirts with a printed logo to represent your business.

banded apparel

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Best Cafes and Restaurant Spots in The Beaches, Toronto

The Beaches is located along the shore of Lake Ontario, just a few kilometres east of Toronto’s financial and commercial district. While the name itself is inviting enough, the area offers its residents and plenty of visitors a family friendly environment, a hip cafe culture, and plenty of restaurants and bars, everything from entertainment to fine dining.  Here are a few best reviewed places in The Beaches, Toronto:

  1. Residents of The Beaches can make the Remarkable Bean part of their routine coffee run.  This trendy cafe is popular for roasting their own coffee beans and serving it fresh and hot, with just enough kick to get the day going.  The crowd is diverse, a popular spot for a get together with friends or a place where parents can visit with a toddler in tow.  The Remarkable Bean, with its art and photography on display, is a good representation of the cafe culture The Beaches has to offer.
  2. Lady Marmalade is one of thee best spots to score a hipster brunch in Toronto, a real vegan delight! Their customers are saying, “The ambiance is eclectic, the staff relaxed and friendly, the food familiar comfort dishes with some modern twists.” Plan your visit because it is a popular spot!
  3. Have a craving for French cuisine?  Sauvignon is one of the best european restaurants in Toronto.  Customers are raving about their “Spicy Orecchiette, Grilled Shrimp, and Steak Frites”. Absolutely mouth-watering! Sauvignon is also a great spot to host a special engagement with family and friends.

If you’ve always wanted to experience living in this chic area and are thinking of buying a home in The Beaches, you’ll want to connect with a Toronto Real Estate agent that knows the area well. Contact Elli Davis, the top Realtor in the Toronto area.  Elli Davis will get you exclusive information on Toronto real estate listings and keep on top of properties that were just listed on MLS.  Learn more about buying real estate in Toronto today.

Toronto Home Listings Surge 62% Over Last Year

It seems that Toronto home owners are cashing in on Toronto’s hot real estate market. During the first two weeks of April, new listings (detached, semi-detached and townhouses) on the Toronto real estate market have surged 62% – compared to April of last year. A total of 3,845 new properties came on the market during the first week of April, up from 2,371 in 2016.  

New listings aren’t the only thing climbing in the real estate market.  In March 2017, the average prices for houses in the greater Toronto area shown in increase of 33% when the average price reached just over $900K from $695K over the last year.  

Real estate experts can speculate that low Interest rates and foreign buyers may all be contributing factor to the surge in prices. From 2015 to 2016, approximately 120,000 new immigrants settled in Ontario and since Toronto is a magnet for Canadians and for visitors from other countries, the majority of newcomers choose to settle in Toronto.  In addition to the swell of newcomers, interests rates are near record lows, making mortgages more desirable to potential buyers.  Both these factors play a significant role in the recent surge.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Toronto, contact Elli Davis, the top Realtor in the Toronto area. Elli Davis will get you exclusive information on Toronto real estate listings and keep on top of properties that were just listed on MLS.  Learn more about buying real estate in Toronto today.

How to Find the Best MLS Listings in Toronto

“For Sale” signs are popping up on properties, all over Ontario, and the demand for housing seems to be a trend that will continue in 2017. The turnover rate in real estate will only increase with the popular spring months (such as April and May). Considering factors, based on months of inventory (MOI) and lack of housing inventory specifically in the Greater Toronto Area, 2017 is forecasted to be a hot month in the real estate industry. Whether buying or selling, accessing MLS listings Toronto can be a beneficial source of information.

The market in the GTA is prone to escalating prices, with the lack of properties available it’s good for sellers, but a difficult time for buyers. Working with the best real estate agents can help navigate the competitive buying and selling environment.

When dealing with something as important as housing, working with the top real estate agent in Canada, Elli Davis of Royal LePage will help secure your investment.  For over 24 years, Elli Davis has consistently ranked as the #1 agent for Royal LePage in Toronto; by providing top negotiating skills and delivering top prices in a reasonable time frame- most listings are sold within 30 days. MLS listings Toronto can be accessed through working with Elli Davis; and combined with her specialty in all central Toronto residential areas including homes and condominiums in: Forest Hill, Rosedale, Moore Park, Lawrence Park, Yonge Street Corridor, Yorkville, Waterfront, Hoggs Hollow, Willowdale, North Toronto, Leaside, etc. Contact Elli Davis today!