What Foggy Glass Really Says About Your Windows and Doors

As the premier Oakville windows and doors specialists, at Custom Window Designs we hear all kinds of questions about windows and doors. A common question is about cloudiness. If you have windows or doors with double paned glass, thermopaned glass or insulated glass then you may notice that occasionally the glass looks cloudy.  

This fog occurs between the two panes of glass and you may find that it disappears (especially in the evening) and then reappears. For anyone who is obsessive about clean windows, this is a maddening problem to have. Still, other people believe they can simply ignore the problem. However, the fact is that over time the cloudy area will become larger, thicker and more noticeable.

If you’re finding fogginess between your window panes, then what is actually happening is that the seal on the insulated glass is not working. When this seal fails, moist air can enter between the two panes of glass and condense, which causes the cloudiness that you’re seeing. In addition to being annoying to look at, a broken seal means that your window isn’t properly insulating your home from the outdoors. The result will be lost energy and higher costs to heat or cool your home.

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Preparing For a Near Death of a Loved One

Being faced with an impending death of a loved one is one of the most difficult moments to have to endure.  Knowing what to expect can certainly help you take the first steps towards healing when you experience the loss of a loved one. It’s common to feel an array of emotions: guilt, anger, confusion, hurt, and depression. However, it’s important to realize the situation and openly discuss the difficulties of death with your loved one.

Here are some things to make the transition easier:

  1. Spend as much time as possible together.
  2. Openly talk about your feelings and any fears.
  3. Make apologies, if you have any.
  4. Express your love and appreciation, give thanks for the time you’ve had together.
  5. Reminisce on memorable moments you have shared.
  6. Ask what you can do to help them be as comfortable as possible.

If you or any other family members could be there during their final moments, be there. Go hand in hand, tell them you love them. Everyone experiences a loss of a loved one in different ways, some more sudden than others. What’s important to remember when preparing for a death of a loved one, is to keep family close. Have a support system where you support others through the grieving process and allow others to support you.  

If you’re experiencing the loss of a loved one Basic Funerals can offer you the essentials you need to arrange a beautiful memorial to honour their memory. Contact Basic Funerals and they will guide you through a simple and stress-free process for your funeral or cremation needs.

How Plan and Research Before Sending A Mail Flyer

Before you start thinking about flyer design and content – you need to plan and research for your flyer mailing.

Being a business owner comes with many responsibilities and concerns that even the best owners contemplate with the same old self-reflective questions: “how can I get customers to come into my business” or “how can I get more influence and build a more loyal following?”  Although the world has significantly changed to a more digitally present and online world, there is still substantial value in flyer mailing. Studies have shown that direct mail and flyers prove to have better effectiveness for higher quality customer engagements and more purchases when it’s done right.

Before you start thinking about your flyer design and what content to add – you’ll need to plan and do research for your flyer mailing.

 How To Plan and Research Your Mail Flyer:

  • Who are your flyers targeted at? Look at demographics of your target audience.
  • Where is your target audience located? Where do they socialize, work, live, visit, shop?
  • What would your target audience expect? A small flyer with simple information or a lengthy brochure with detailed information and pictures? What do you need to depict in order to attain your goal?
  • What do you want to achieve with your flyer? What metrics will you use to measure its effectiveness?
  • Will your flyer have a timeline period? Will you display prices? When will it expire? This will impact the number you print and your distribution timeline.

All these questions can be answered when you contact Direct Response Media Group. They go the extra mile with your flyer mailings by helping you create an effective mail campaign to reach your target audience – building a strong, loyal, local following worth its weight. For more information to get into contact for a quote, click here.

Best Odour Remover For Sports Equipment

Find out how to get rid of nasty lingering smells after an intense sports game.

Sports equipment is probably number one on my list for things that need deodorizing. I play sports, and I know the smell that tags along after a tough sweaty game. Most athletes have their own remedy for washing and refreshing their equipment, but others simply just don’t have clue. They’re the ones that show up to the next game and completely consume the locker area with last week’s stench. Here are some solutions to get the stink out of virtually anything easily and quickly, and it’ll work for even the not-so tidy players.

Tips for Removing Sports Equipment Odour:

  1. Take your equipment out of your bag as soon as you get home. Let it air out.
  2. Wash it. Many players worry about putting their equipment in the washer with the fear it may get ruined. Read the label and follow the washing instructions for proper care and cleaning. Be sure not to overload the washer or the materials won’t wash properly.
  3. If your equipment really smells – add a dash of white vinegar into the wash. No, this won’t leave you smelling like vinegar if you proceed to step 4. Vinegar is a natural odour neutralizer and kills odour causing bacteria.
  4. When your equipment is done washing, put them in the dryer for a low heat tumble cycle or lay them flat to dry. Turn on the POG on a 3-hour timer and place it beside the equipment. Close the door and allow the POG to work it’s way through the air and fabric to remove the odours completely, while naturally disinfecting any bacteria that remains.

Best Odour Remover For Sports Equipment

Just as an added tip: Athletes used equipment and cars don’t always smell the greatest if they’re both in transport at the same time. The trunk pretty much turns into a skunk. If this sounds like a situation you’re familiar with, let the POG run in your vehicle and it’ll work to kill odour causing bacteria on surfaces and in the fabric of the seats.  

Follow these tips as often as you use your equipment – the life of your equipment should last as expected not to mention, the other players won’t be clenching their noses every time you walk in or get in a huddle.

Learn more about the POG and how it works! Get the POG today.

Give Your Loved Ones A Proper Goodbye

Cremation can be a special way to give your loved ones a proper goodbye and memorable service.

Cremation is a personal choice and it’s also a increasingly more popular choice as it tends to be the more flexible and affordable choice. It’s very common in many cultures and an environmentally-friendly option as green space and cemeteries tend to  Many people aren’t aware of the many choices that come with cremation to suit the needs of every family. Basic Funerals offers services which include:

  • Witnessing of cremation
  • Cremation with a memorial service
  • A final viewing with cremation
  • Or a traditional funeral with cremation

With every choice, it’s important that families get all the support they need. The most supportive services comes from Basic Funerals. They help with completing all necessary forms to arranging a memorable service.  

Final viewings and memorial services are a way for families to honour and pay respect to their loved one who have passed. Some families need this to get through difficult timed, and say their final goodbyes. There are times where a direct cremation is preferred, there is no additional funeral service, visitation, or viewing. It’s a way for families to get the privacy they need. Basic Funerals also offers a witnessing of cremation where only close family or loved ones are invited to witness the process of cremation.

No matter what your choice, Basic Funerals will provide you with all the essentials and simple, economical service options. Contact Basic Funerals for more information.

Flyer Mailing – Still Effective In A Digital World

Learn how an impressive and powerful marketing flyer can be an effective tool for any startup or small business owner aiming to create a positive impression on customers.

With the frequently changing online world, it sometimes seems impossible to get your business’ voice heard.  Your ads and messages are frequently being drowned out with saturated online media – thousands of videos, pictures, and posts all on different social platforms, blogs and professional websites. How can you compete? An impressive and powerful marketing flyer can be an effective tool for any startup or small business owners aiming to make an impression on customers – it’s tangible, unforgettable and transportable, whether it’s in a magazine or envelope.

Flyer mailing conveys the visual stimulation and branding influence of a poster, but possesses greater distribution. Giving your message a more personable approach with greater reach to more potential customers, especially those who are used to rejecting video ads or walking past posters and billboards.

To ensure you successfully deliver your message to the right audience and right people, consider these tips when you design and distribute your mailing flyers:

Create Attention-Grabbing Design

Plan out your brand design and use a good balance composition of space with text, colors, and visuals

Add Engaging & Interesting Content 

If your design grabs their attention, content will hold it and pique their interest even more.

Research Distribution Choices

Spend time researching potential locations where flyer will get the most exposure to your target demographic

Don’t Withhold on Print Quality

Your flyer is tangible, look and feel are everything. Make sure your brand image and its quality are replicated in the finished product.

With DRMG, you have choices of selecting options to fit your flyer mailing campaigns. To get more information about mailing flyers and direct mail, contact Direct Response Media Group to send the right direct mail that fits perfectly for your business to increase sales. 

24-Hour Emergency Service For Funerals and Cremation

Do you know what to do when an unexpected death happens?

Life can be so unpredictable and when a death happens so suddenly, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and grief-stricken. Basic Funerals is available for those in need of immediate funeral or cremation services in Ontario. They take care of the arrangements and help get you through the process with as much ease as possible. When a sudden death occurs, it’s important to note that proper documents should be coordinated including other aspects such as: transferring the body and service details. This is where they help the most, they provide added relief so you can spend the time you need in the comfort of family and friends.

Things to know before you a call a funeral service:

  • If the death occurred in a Hospital, simply call the funeral home and they will take care of necessary forms once the doctor has signed off on the release of your loved one’s body.
  • If the death occurred in a nursing home, call the funeral home right away as nursing homes do not have the means to hold your loved one’s body. When you call a funeral home they will take care of arrangements for cremation or preparation for a funeral.
  • If the death occurred in the home, the police should be contacted first where a coroner will have to pronounce the death. After this happens, a funeral home can come to help you through the rest of the process.

Whenever a loved one passes in unexpected circumstances, we often experience difficulties making tough decisions regarding the next steps. I suggesting contacting Basic Funerals because they offer a 24-hour emergency services and are ready to accommodate to the needs of any family through tough times. Contact them or call  1-877-229-7077 for more information.