Give Your Loved Ones A Proper Goodbye

Cremation can be a special way to give your loved ones a proper goodbye and memorable service.


Cremation is a personal choice and it’s also a increasingly more popular choice as it tends to be the more flexible and affordable choice. It’s very common in many cultures and an environmentally-friendly option as green space and cemeteries tend to  Many people aren’t aware of the many choices that come with cremation to suit the needs of every family. Basic Funerals offers services which include:

  • Witnessing of cremation
  • Cremation with a memorial service
  • A final viewing with cremation
  • Or a traditional funeral with cremation

With every choice, it’s important that families get all the support they need. The most supportive services comes from Basic Funerals. They help with completing all necessary forms to arranging a memorable service.  

Final viewings and memorial services are a way for families to honour and pay respect to their loved one who have passed. Some families need this to get through difficult timed, and say their final goodbyes. There are times where a direct cremation is preferred, there is no additional funeral service, visitation, or viewing. It’s a way for families to get the privacy they need. Basic Funerals also offers a witnessing of cremation where only close family or loved ones are invited to witness the process of cremation.

No matter what your choice, Basic Funerals will provide you with all the essentials and simple, economical service options. Contact Basic Funerals for more information.

Flyer Mailing – Still Effective In A Digital World

Learn how an impressive and powerful marketing flyer can be an effective tool for any startup or small business owner aiming to create a positive impression on customers.

With the frequently changing online world, it sometimes seems impossible to get your business’ voice heard.  Your ads and messages are frequently being drowned out with saturated online media – thousands of videos, pictures, and posts all on different social platforms, blogs and professional websites. How can you compete? An impressive and powerful marketing flyer can be an effective tool for any startup or small business owners aiming to make an impression on customers – it’s tangible, unforgettable and transportable, whether it’s in a magazine or envelope.

Flyer mailing conveys the visual stimulation and branding influence of a poster, but possesses greater distribution. Giving your message a more personable approach with greater reach to more potential customers, especially those who are used to rejecting video ads or walking past posters and billboards.

To ensure you successfully deliver your message to the right audience and right people, consider these tips when you design and distribute your mailing flyers:

Create Attention-Grabbing Design

Plan out your brand design and use a good balance composition of space with text, colors, and visuals

Add Engaging & Interesting Content 

If your design grabs their attention, content will hold it and pique their interest even more.

Research Distribution Choices

Spend time researching potential locations where flyer will get the most exposure to your target demographic

Don’t Withhold on Print Quality

Your flyer is tangible, look and feel are everything. Make sure your brand image and its quality are replicated in the finished product.

With DRMG, you have choices of selecting options to fit your flyer mailing campaigns. To get more information about mailing flyers and direct mail, contact Direct Response Media Group to send the right direct mail that fits perfectly for your business to increase sales. 

24-Hour Emergency Service For Funerals and Cremation

Do you know what to do when an unexpected death happens?

Life can be so unpredictable and when a death happens so suddenly, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and grief-stricken. Basic Funerals is available for those in need of immediate funeral or cremation services in Ontario. They take care of the arrangements and help get you through the process with as much ease as possible. When a sudden death occurs, it’s important to note that proper documents should be coordinated including other aspects such as: transferring the body and service details. This is where they help the most, they provide added relief so you can spend the time you need in the comfort of family and friends.

Things to know before you a call a funeral service:

  • If the death occurred in a Hospital, simply call the funeral home and they will take care of necessary forms once the doctor has signed off on the release of your loved one’s body.
  • If the death occurred in a nursing home, call the funeral home right away as nursing homes do not have the means to hold your loved one’s body. When you call a funeral home they will take care of arrangements for cremation or preparation for a funeral.
  • If the death occurred in the home, the police should be contacted first where a coroner will have to pronounce the death. After this happens, a funeral home can come to help you through the rest of the process.

Whenever a loved one passes in unexpected circumstances, we often experience difficulties making tough decisions regarding the next steps. I suggesting contacting Basic Funerals because they offer a 24-hour emergency services and are ready to accommodate to the needs of any family through tough times. Contact them or call  1-877-229-7077 for more information. 

Feeling A Draft This Winter?

You’ll find Toronto windows and doors specialists who work in all kinds of weather. Although the warmer and drier weather is the best time to have a new window or door installed, it is possible to have this work done in the fall and winter months too.

Sometimes a window or door breaks in an obvious way – whether a ball has gone through it or you’ve had a break in, if there is broken glass or a broken frame then you’ll need to order a replacement as soon as possible. However, there are instances where your window or door looks perfectly fine, but still isn’t functioning properly. Drafty windows and doors are a good example of this common scenario.

A draft isn’t something you can easily see, but you should be able to feel it. If the temperature feels colder in one area of your room or near a doorway, then you likely have a draft. Drafts in your windows and doors are problematic because they are a source of energy loss, which means you’ll spend more on your energy bill in the long run – money that you’re literally throwing out the window!

If you detect a draft in your home, but not sure where? Call the pros at Custom Window Designs for a free estimate. Don’t wait! Fix your drafts now so you can enjoy a warm, dry winter.

Shipping Human and Cremated Remains Around The World

Learn how to safely and comfortably ship your loved ones remains around the world – without unnecessary worry.

Did you know only a few funeral and cremation services provide worldwide shipping services for families around the world? It’s important to know that every country has it’s own rules and laws for shipping both human remains and cremated remains. While you may be overwhelmed with grief during these difficult times, there is one funeral service company that can provide affordable shipping needs – Basic Funerals. They provide you all the support you need to get through the process quickly with very simple steps.

Find out the 6 Easy Steps you can take to bring the remains of your loved one home.

As you may know, shipping by flight is the only method to shipping a body to another country, which may also raise a lot of questions for you: Are you allowed to fly with the remains of your loved one? What may they be clothed with during transport? Basic Funerals can answer all of your questions to put your mind at ease.  Rest assure the remains or shipping containers for cremated remains are treated with the utmost care and respect. We understand that bringing your loved one home in preparation for visitations or a service is important for you and your families.  

If you need information on cremation services, feel free to click here for your options. The process for cremation generally takes 3-5 business days and during this time you can consider the type of urn you’d like for safe keeping of the ashes. Some countries may have a specified material for the urn container and may have additional restrictions for the outer shipping container. Please contact Basic Funerals for more information.

Increase Your Flyer Distribution With DRMG

Ensure your flyer distribution is sent to the right people, at the right time, in the place.

Have you ever experienced going to your mailbox, sifting through piles of mail, quickly skimming the content and thought: “do I really need this? NO.” This is an example of a marketing mail campaign gone wrong. Don’t let this happen to your business – with the proper targeting, design and messaging your customers won’t be questioning what comes in their mail. This is where Direct Response Media Group can help to ensure your flyer distribution is sent to the right people, at the right time, in the place.

With any startup or small business, there may be a lack of people equipped with the right skills or experience required for a mail marketing campaign. Finding a trustable company to help can be difficult – but you can make that process easier, when you choose DRMG. They can help you create, design and message your direct mail and flyers to help build brand awareness of your business locally. This way your immediate customers become aware of your business in the area. They also send promotions and advertisements out for any of your upcoming business campaigns, to get more customers coming through the door!

As the biggest and the most dominating direct mail distributor in Canada they help hundreds of business achieve higher sales and successes. It’s a no-brainer why DRMG continues to dominate. But, how effective is their flyer distribution? Being partnered with Canada Post provides you with the most affordable flyer distribution that circulates to over 150,000,000 solo or co-op direct mail products and services! Imagine getting into contact with a diverse mailing list for different Canadian populations; based on demographic or geographical information, so you can reach the most customers interested in your products or services.

If you want to increase your sales and grow brand awareness for your business, get more information about flyer distribution here.

My Experience With Cremation & Funeral Services: Consider Pre-Planning

Read about my experiences with pre-planning cremation and funeral services. You don’t have to wait until your late years to get peace of mind.

Losing a loved one is always difficult, nevermind the responsibility of planning  a cremation or funeral service. Although, some may find talking about death a bit morbid, there is nothing wrong or unnatural about it – it’s a very humbling and life changing experience when you let your loved ones rest in peace. As we all get older, it’s always best to consider and be prepared for anything. Just like getting a will confirmed by a lawyer, you should consider pre-planning any funeral or cremation services, whether for yourself or for a loved one. Questions may of came up about when the best time to start considering your cremation or funeral service. The decision is different for everyone as people tend to have their own way of planning.  One thing very important to consider is, peace of mind.  

The reason why pre-planning options are available is mostly to provide people with the peace of mind that you’re providing the best comfort for your loved ones you leave behind, that in the days following a passing, they won’t have to face tough decisions while they are overwhelmed with grief.

You don’t have to wait until your late years to pre-arrange your cremation or funeral service. I would hate to have my children or family members scramble for payment or not have any idea what to do in such a time of bereavement. Many people prefer to make arrangements before they have any reason to consider passing. The benefit of this is again, peace of mind as well as ensuring their cost remains fixed, the price of your funeral or cremation at the time of arrangement remains locked in.  One less thing to worry about is always a good thing.

I absolutely loved the experience I encountered when I got my arrangements completed. If you are in need of pre-planning options over a short-term, this can also be accommodated through very simple process in which we also offer a tremendous amount of support, including financial and personal benefits.

If you’re looking  to learn or more information about affordable Long Term Cremation & Funeral Planning, I recommend Basic Funerals and Cremation Choices Inc.