MLS Listing Make A Difference When Selling Your Toronto Home

Selling your house or searching for your dream home can be a daunting task. Going it alone can be even more overwhelming – and quite frankly, very complex. When housing prices in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area have skyrocketed exponentially, year after year; where can someone look when they’re looking for a home in a Toronto location, with specific features and upgrades? You start with a realtor with expertise using MLS listings and one that is a part of the community – from the local schools and parks, to the small shops and malls .

Having a real estate agent who knows the competitiveness of the real estate market is essential. Especially when realtors and brokers need to work with each other to ensure a successful transaction. Working with a Toronto realtor who has access to MLS listings is an advantage to find cooperative brokers who can help buy or sell a client’s’ homes.

Whether, it’s in Forest Hill, The Annex, Yorkville, Rosedale, High Park or Roncesvalles you can be assured Elli Davis knows her Central Toronto neighborhoods. If you’re interested in buying a home in Toronto or you’re looking to sell your home; you’ll be confident working with a professional Toronto realtor with over 25 years experience. She has access to the largest pool of properties for sale in the marketplace! Get in contact with Elli Davis today, your local real estate agent or REALTOR ® at Royal LePage.


Toronto Home Listings Surge 62% Over Last Year

It seems that Toronto home owners are cashing in on Toronto’s hot real estate market. During the first two weeks of April, new listings (detached, semi-detached and townhouses) on the Toronto real estate market have surged 62% – compared to April of last year. A total of 3,845 new properties came on the market during the first week of April, up from 2,371 in 2016.  

New listings aren’t the only thing climbing in the real estate market.  In March 2017, the average prices for houses in the greater Toronto area shown in increase of 33% when the average price reached just over $900K from $695K over the last year.  

Real estate experts can speculate that low Interest rates and foreign buyers may all be contributing factor to the surge in prices. From 2015 to 2016, approximately 120,000 new immigrants settled in Ontario and since Toronto is a magnet for Canadians and for visitors from other countries, the majority of newcomers choose to settle in Toronto.  In addition to the swell of newcomers, interests rates are near record lows, making mortgages more desirable to potential buyers.  Both these factors play a significant role in the recent surge.

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How to Find the Best MLS Listings in Toronto

“For Sale” signs are popping up on properties, all over Ontario, and the demand for housing seems to be a trend that will continue in 2017. The turnover rate in real estate will only increase with the popular spring months (such as April and May). Considering factors, based on months of inventory (MOI) and lack of housing inventory specifically in the Greater Toronto Area, 2017 is forecasted to be a hot month in the real estate industry. Whether buying or selling, accessing MLS listings Toronto can be a beneficial source of information.

The market in the GTA is prone to escalating prices, with the lack of properties available it’s good for sellers, but a difficult time for buyers. Working with the best real estate agents can help navigate the competitive buying and selling environment.

When dealing with something as important as housing, working with the top real estate agent in Canada, Elli Davis of Royal LePage will help secure your investment.  For over 24 years, Elli Davis has consistently ranked as the #1 agent for Royal LePage in Toronto; by providing top negotiating skills and delivering top prices in a reasonable time frame- most listings are sold within 30 days. MLS listings Toronto can be accessed through working with Elli Davis; and combined with her specialty in all central Toronto residential areas including homes and condominiums in: Forest Hill, Rosedale, Moore Park, Lawrence Park, Yonge Street Corridor, Yorkville, Waterfront, Hoggs Hollow, Willowdale, North Toronto, Leaside, etc. Contact Elli Davis today!

Toronto Housing Bubble – What Should You Do?

With rapidly increasing prices in the Canadian housing market, many believe that 2017 will be the year the Canadian real estate crashes. This prediction is based on a decreasing demand from buyers. After watching the US housing market crash over a decade ago, it is expected Canada will experience a similar fate. Noticing in popular news stories, everyday highlights a new warning about Canada’s growing household debt, government regulations, and increasing prices.

Essentially, a housing bubble is recognized when there is a run-up in prices from increasing demands. At some point, as the demand decreases/stagnates, the supply continues to increase. This results in a sharp drop in prices, and the housing bubble then bursts. Due to a different structure than the US has the bursting of Canada’s housing bubble will likely be painful financially, but not as devastating. This is because only certain parts of Canada are currently in a bubble.

During this time it is important for buyers and sellers to be smart, do their research, and talk to professionals for tips and insight on how to interact in this housing bubble. Ellis Davis is an example of a professional team that is an expert in Toronto’s real estate market. Talking to the team about possible next steps for either buying or selling, will help ensure the best decisions are made!

Top 5 Historic Buildings in Toronto

Despite the evolution and expansion of Ontario’s capital City of Toronto, it remains one Canada’s most vibrant urban centres. It’s very much apparent that the churches, characterized by gothic carvings and the medieval stone design of Casa Loma are the staples of this Toronto’s architectural legacy.  

Gooderham Building , 49 Wellington Street E


Completed in 1892 by architect David Roberts Jr.

The famous building, known as Toronto’s “ flatiron” building similar to the traditional Town of York grid with Front Street. It’s triangular shape results from the the confluence of Wellington Street.  THe Toronto designer and architect, David Roberts Jr. was also responsible for a number of other Gooderham commissions – like George Gooderham’s houses at St.George and other building and homes on Bloor Streets (1889) and Jarvis Street (1891).

The building is now a designated Ontario Heritage site, first declared in 1975 and later became secured with a heritage easement under the Ontario Heritage Trust.

Casa Loma, 1 Austin Terrace

elli davis - casa loma.JPG

Casa Loma was built for Sir Henry Mill Pellatt in 1914, a E. J. Lennox design.

Casa Loma is a Gothic Revival style house and gardens in midtown Toronto, Ontario,Canada. It is now a museum and famous historical landmark. It was built as a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. Casa Loma was constructed from 1911 to 1914. Wikipedia

Old City Hall, 60 Queen St W

elli davis - old city hall.JPG

Another E.J Lennox design, a romanesque revival architectural type, completed in 1899.

Toronto’s Old City Hall was home to its city council from 1899 to 1966 and remains one of the city’s most prominent structures. Wikipedia

Union Station, 65 Front Street W

elli davis - union station.JPG

The grande hall in Union Station first opened in 1927. This building is one of the city’s best example of beaux-arts architecture. Union Station is located between Bay and York Streets in Toronto’s business district

Come and live in a city and experience your architectural dreams! Find your home in Toronto amongst all these picturesque historical buildings. Contact Elli Davis for Toronto real estate listing and keep on top of properties that were just listed on MLS.  Learn more about buying real estate in Toronto today.